About Us


Welcome to Little Falls (no compromise) Christian Centre. A place where the Word of God is preached and taught uncompromisingly, and where the love of God is felt in a tangible way through fellow Christians. Since embracing the Cell Church Model in 1994, we have seen the church grow and spread along relational lines that have developed within these home cells. In Acts 2:46-47, we find the Early Church meeting in the temple and from house to house. The preaching of the gospel becomes central when meeting in church, and the needs of the believers are met meeting from house to house.

“Maud and I started this amazing journey in 1981 and we have never looked back or regretted one step. We want to invite you to become connected to our church and share in the wonderful blessings that the Father has promised to all those who seek Him with heart, soul and spirit. You were created and gifted to succeed and prosper in this life and in Jesus Christ. Our spiritual growth not only enriches us, but enables and empowers us to touch and help others that so desperately need a helping and loving hand. Every Christ follower is an extension of Jesus, advancing the Kingdom of God throughout the earth.”



Our vision is to touch and change the world with the love of Jesus.

A clear Cell vision has set the path to developing and discipling every partner joining our church.


We believe in experiencing the Holy Spirit Presence and Body of Christ life in our Home Cells.


Making the living Word of God applicable in our personal lives, Home Group life and Church life.


Prayer is the most important cornerstone of our church. Without it we would not be able to connect with God and touch the lives of those around us. All off our staff demonstrate an active prayer life and a prayer strategy to have the Lord build the house.


Every Partner becomes actively involved in reaching out to the lost.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip and train all believers to become effective Christ followers through loving, giving and serving actions.

Our Lord Jesus commissioned all believers to become trained and taught ones, bearing the fruit of Kingdom Living and upholding truth and righteousness.


An effective way to structure the Church according to leadership accountability helps us to serve our Partners in Integrity.


We provide our Partners and Home Cells with free practical equipping weekends to do the work of the ministry


We place extremely high value on inspiring intimate times of worship in Church services and Cell groups.


As a church we provide thousands of food parcels to the poor in our community. Our Partners donates most of the food allowing us to do this.