At Little Falls Christian Centre the majority of people supporting the ministry give via EFT.

Tithes and Offerings: ABSA Bank 9054203841
Building Fund Account: ABSA Bank 9061313029
Great Commission Fund: ABSA Bank 9109581875
Ethembeni Place of Hope: ABSA Bank 4063356686

ABSA Bank Global Branch Code: 632005 | SWIFT Code: ABSAZAJJ

Snapscan has over 40 000 merchants and a vast user network across South Africa. This app supports credit cards and most debit cards from any local bank, as well as 3D Secure-enabled international bank cards.

To Use Snapscan follow these Steps:
1. Download SnapScan from your App Store
2. Open the SnapScan App and Snap
3. Enter the Amount and Confirm Payment
4. Confirm with your 4 digit pin code

PayPal is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. Giving though PayPal is simple and allows you to give using your PayPal account or Credit Card. To Give using PayPal please visit page.


Despite the fact that many people use the word “tithe” synonymously with any church-related giving, the word tithe literally means “tenth.”

The tithe was an obligatory offering from the law of Moses requiring 10 percent of an Israelite’s firstfruits. Because God provided the harvest, this first part was returned to him. It was a reminder to Israel that all things we have are his. It was a show of thankfulness for his provision. It also provided for the Levitical priesthood, festivals, and the needy.

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