Become a Partner

What is Partnership ?

At LFCC, when a person commits themselves to the mission and vision of our church, we don’t call it joining or becoming a member; we call it a partnership. We really believe that there is a greater significance to becoming a partner with LFCC rather than just membership since being in partnership encourages one to engage; it stimulates communication, promotes and supports participation whilst nurturing a servant mindset upholding Biblical values and ethics as its core.

If you’re a member of something, you get the country club mentality, i.e. “I’m a member now serve me” – it creates the notion of membership being that of entitlement where one should be privileged to something.

At LFCC, we believe that everyone has a part and a role to fulfil. Everyone is needed, and everyone’s gift and uniqueness are necessary to further the kingdom of God. We believe that if we are to reflect the message of Christ, we must be active participants in furthering God’s kingdom on earth.

We thank God for those individuals who are taking their next step with Christ, who are using their unique giftedness and want to further God’s work here at LFCC.

Become a Partner

Please select your partner application option:

LOCAL PARTNERSHIP is for every person staying in the Gauteng province that’s able to attend the church meetings on a regular basis.

NATIONAL PARTNERSHIP is for every person staying in other areas of South Africa. (Not Gauteng)

INTERNATIONAL PARTNER is for every person who stays outside the borders of South Africa and that feels they would like to be connected to Little Falls Christian Centre as a partner.