Discipleship Training Centre


As a result of the powerful promptings of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Harold Weitsz established the Discipleship Training Centre (DTC) in 1986.  His passion has been to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples and empowering and enriching believers.

Since the inception of DTC, many students from diverse backgrounds and cultures have completed their studies and are actively involved in different areas of ministry.

At DTC we focus on spiritual issues in a practical way, so that authentic Christianity can be clearly lived out as we apply the life-changing principles of God’s Word. We are not a theological institution where the emphasis is on academic and theoretical information as such, but a Discipleship Training Centre endeavouring to impart functional and useful revelation knowledge from the Scriptures to believers.

We, as Christians, should be an example in all our attitudes and actions.  Whether we realise it or not, our behaviour is always being watched.  For us, excellence of ministry means that we should always strive for the best in what we are, do or say.  Jesus gave His best and so should we.

LFCC Discipleship Training Centre is not accredited by the South African government and is not registered by the Department of Higher Education.